7 Female Fronted For a Friend…

For Love – Lush
(Miss this band)

Black Balloon – The Kills
(Dark and beautiful)

Charlotte Gainsbourg-In the end
(Talented actress & singer)

Dr. Cat – Mary Timony
(Always interesting stuff)

Undertow (Live) – Warpaint
(Fills the ears)

SPC ECO – Push
(New discovery)

Thank You Pain – The Agonist
(Simply because I can’t fathom how her voice can sound like 2 different people)

Butterclock – Don’t

To be fair, I know very little about Butterclock (I’ve literally just heard this for the first time 10 minutes ago) and I was nudged by DJ Mugen to get back to my music posting ways… So here’s a start. I dig the tune, the video makes nice use of color and has a real chill casual vibe I’m liking as well. Can’t put my finger on what her voice reminds me of but there’s something there that I’ll end up thinking of a few days from now…

Late – A Spipmusic Mix

Late- A Spipmusic Mix (Right Click to Download)

This mix is sort of a callout to the past month or so… A little darker and mellow (but in a good way). Some brilliant new stuff I’ve been listening to; recent faves Unison, ∆aimon and Labyrinth Ear. Plus a fantastically brooding version of Iggy Pop’s “Endless Sea” done by Happy New Year… This mix is better listened to late, when you’re up for getting mellow and sinking along for the ride…

Because of my Eyes – LLLL
Lithium – Labyrinth Ear
I’ll Adjust – Magic Fades
Been Told – Max B & Isaiah Toothtaker
Springs (Feat. Butterclock) – oOoOO
Lost Generation – Unison
Making Out – Ghibli
The Endless Sea – Happy New Year
Pendulum – High Park
Jaws – Gardland
Empathy (Spf5ø Edit) – Crystal Castles
Maasym (Funerals Remix) – ∆aimon
20 Ghosts III – NIN

Cleveland – A Spipmusic Mix

Cleveland – A Spipmusic Mix (Right Click to Download)

This year is shaping up big for the city I love, Cleveland: Rock Hall Inductions in town, Casino opening soon, WMC Fest, lots of great projects starting to come to life… Most important is a general sense of renaissance, a city fighting back… Plain and simple.

So I thought this time around why not a plain and simple mix. No bells and whistles (ie: sample-laden silliness). Just my usual combination of diverse music that’s been finding its way to my ears of late and hopefully to yours… There’s some local flavor (Skychief -Cleveland/Akron, Indigo Wild – Columbus, Jeremy Bleich – Former Clevelander…), and the usual mish mosh of musical genres…

Oblivion – Grimes
All My – Void Pedal
Bonfire (spipasucci Loopz Mix) – Childish Gambino
On The Hill – Indigo Wild
Three Eyes – Invaders
Exploding Head (The Hood Internet Mix) – A Place To Bury Strangers
Eleanora – Jeremy Bleich
Monkey, I’m Your Man – Verbana
Flatliner – ∆aimon
What Doesn’t Die – Anthrax
/\/\ – BL4CK C3iling
Immigrant Noise – Z-Trip
Naughty Is Nice – Skycheif
Territorial Pissings – Surfer Blood
Rich Whores – Kreayshawn
Spinning Wheels – White Wives
Nocternal – The New Division
Patients – Lord Boyd

The Darkest Timeline – A Spipmusic Mix

The Darkest Timeline – A Spipmusic Mix (Right Click to Download)

Part excitement at the return of one of the best shows to television (Community), part mixtape for a friend in honor of having made many mixtapes back in the day and part attempt to get back to this blog on some sort of regular basis. This mix can best be summed up as “all over the place reckless…”; but hopefully in a good way… Heavy on recent internet finds (Father Longlegs, Zoom on a Kill), sprinkled in with a track from a friends band (Riastrad, and some top listened artists of mine (Crystal Castles, Skinny Puppy, Childish Gambino & You Love Her Coz She’s Dead to name a few…).

She Melts – Com Truise
Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boreta Remix) – Haiku D’etat
The Wheel – Murdervan
So Wet – Party Trash
I Be On That – Childish Gambino
Our Plans – Cloud Nothings
Chinese R’N’R Cat – Father Longlegs
Sun Lips – Shugo Tokumaru
Warp Spasm – Riastrad
Raining Bricks (Gucci Mane X Slayer) – The Hood Internet
Gucci Gucci (Two Stacks Remix) – Kreayshawn
Gus Neck – Penthouse
Leap of Desire I – You Love Her Coz She’s Dead
Existencia – Zoom on a Kill
Icktums – Skinny Puppy
Empathy – Crystal Castles

Crystal Witch (Spotify Playlist)

First (of likely a bunch) of Spotify Playlists. I’m officially hooked and the sharing aspects of Spotify are absolutely fantastic… But why stick with facebook when I can spit out some playlists to the public?

For starters, I’ll be posting some of my ‘larger’ lists – more ‘genre-based’ stuff. Down the line I want playlists to be more concise, more of a ‘mixtape’ style…but this initial pass will be my current genre lists and we’re kicking it off with a Witchhouse type list. Heavy doses of Dream Boat, Crystal Castles, Salem, oOoOO, etc…

Click the icon or here and get started…